Our Solutions



You Co-pilot in decision making!

  • Accurate and customizable summarization
  • Entity Extraction, Sentiment Detection
  • Can ingest documents, structured data sources, voice files, URLs
  • Ask direct questions from your ingested information and get sources of response
  • Complete digital catalogue of ingested document
  • Secure and Data Privacy Compliant
Data Protect


Advanced NLP and image recognition-based tool for automated identification and redaction of sensitive information

  • Sensitive information detection like PHI, PII etc
  • Higher accuracy
  • Detection and Source link of fault
Smart Transcribe


An automated voice transcription with built-in AI to enable speaker recognition, context and sentiment understanding near real time.

  • Sentiment Detection
  • Entity Extraction
  • Near-real time transcription
  • Event bookmarking
  • Secure and Compliant